Hitting A Wall

First post in a really long time…

These past few nights I have hit a wall and I thought I would never find a way around it. Past weeks I have started going back to church. I go all the time when I am home but being in college I used being tired as an excuse not to go. I know that if I want to get around this wall, I need to put my trust in God and know that all will be okay. 

I know that in order to move forward, I need to face my problems instead of running away from them. But running away is easier for me. I have never been one to just gave my fears. But I want to be able to stop and think before I start to freak out. 

Going to church again I have been putting my trust in Him and TRYING to get around this wall. Slowly but surely I am learning. I know I can do this. 

Much love to those who read this.