Trust: small word with a BIG meaning

Trust,  noun \ˈtrəst\ : belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc.

My thought of the day is… How easy it can be to lose someones trust.

Are you the type of person to trust easily? Or does it take you a while to trust someone? For me, I am in the middle. I trust certain people, and for others trust does not come easy. The saying, “trust is so easy to lose, but yet so hard to get back”, is so true. Trust is very important, but at the same time it can be dangerous. It is important, because it gives us a chance to build a friendship/ relationship with someone. Trust is dangerous when we start to think that our friend, family, or the person we are in love with can never hurt us.

I had a friend hurt me so bad and though I forgave them, the trust will not be the same it was before. Not saying that it will never be the same but it will take a while. I never imagined that out of all people they would lose a certain amount of trust from me (I would give more details about this side story, but they may read this). When I feel as though I can not trust someone I care so much about, it bothers me. I think about the situation longer than I should, then I find myself acting a lot different towards them, even after I am over it. It is just a way for me to try and get that trust back to what it used to be, but it always take time.

Question? What makes you decided that you can trust someone again? For me I they have to prove to me that they deserves it. Do not be a suck up to me, because that is not genuine to me. I do not want them to say that they are sorry over and over either. I really do not want them to do anything but just give me time to think, and then I will determine if I want to to give you my trust again.

I did not want this post to be too short so I found a site that said some things about trust:

Trusting requires that we can, 1. Be vulnerable to others (vulnerable to betrayal in particular); 2. Think well of others, at least in certain domains; and 3. Be optimistic that they are, or at least will be, competent in certain respects. Each of these conditions for trust is relatively uncontroversial. There is a further condition which is controversial, however: the trustor is optimistic that the trustee will have a certain kind of motive for acting. Controversy surrounds this last criterion, because it is unclear what, if any, sort of motive we expect from people we trust.

This post is not as great as it sounded in my head, but I tried to make my point as clear as possible. But remember, you too are capable of losing someones trust. I always take that into consideration.


Friend vs Best Friend

My thought of the day… What is the difference between a friend and a best friend? How do we determine who we will call our best friend? How many best friends can you have? Does a best friend have to be someone we talk to everyday? Does a best friend really have to know every single thing about you? Of course they know everything about us. That’s why we call them our best friend, right?

I myself use the term best friend for my really close friends, but I have people who I have never called by best friend, who treats me better than a person I have called a best friend. But then I have people in my lives that I call my friend when they should not even have that title. I think a friend is someone who you can get together with every now and then and have a good time. But a best friend to me is someone you call instantly when you need someone to talk to asap. Someone who doesn’t  judge you when you make a mistake; who you can trust more than anything. A best friend thinks about your feelings and would never hurt you on purpose.

Question? When you think of the word best friend, who is one person that comes to mind? Why do you think of them first? Mine is Brittany Shuster, she has been my best friend since third grade and always will be. We don’t talk everyday, or see each other as much as we used to, but when we get together it is like nothing has changed. And now I have the honor to be in her wedding, and she will be in mine one day. She may not be my only best friend, but she is my number one.

So it wouldn’t just be my take on this, I asked a few people what they thought about this subject:

Person #1 said: “Best friends you can always count on. They never disappoint and are always there for you. A best friend is the first person you want to tell when something really awesome happens in your life. They’re also the one you go to when things are bad and you just need someone.”

Person #2: “A best friend knows everything about you, and a friend is just someone to talk too.”

Person #3: “A friend hugs you when you cry and helps you when you fall down, but a best friend cries with you and laughs when you fall down haha.”

Person #4: “A friend is just a friend but a best friend is someone who does things beyond normal measures… Who has proven to be pretty awesome, loyal and faithful. A friend is just a friend.”

I take friendship very seriously. I may not always be not always be the best friend, but I make sure that if someone needs me I am there. If you mean a lot to me and you hurt me in anyway, I’ll sacrifice my feelings and drop it. Usually because I rather move forward than argue. That is just me.

To those you read this, I hope you enjoyed it. I rambled to get my thoughts out, so hopefully this all makes sense, haha!