You have a voice, USE IT

speak up

Have you ever had a moment of, “GOSH, I wish I would have said that?” I have had plenty of those times. I have learned a lot about myself and something I have learned is, being able to speak up for myself. Now, don’t get me wrong, we do not have to say something to someone every time they say something to hurt us, because sometimes it is just not worth it. But refuse to be a, “door mat” and let people tear you down. Some say that, “silence is golden”, but being able to speak up for yourself feels good too. Yes “kill them with kindness” but also know when it is the right time to speak up and say what is on your mind. Never allow yourself to get to the point where you feel like what you have to say is not important, because it is. I am one to say that I do not care what people have to say about me, but of course I care. But not to the point where it is all I think about. It is not worth the stress, because they can not help you get to where it is you want to go in life. In conclusion, a wise woman once told me, “Keep moving forward, never allow yourself to forget what it is in life that you want.”


2 thoughts on “You have a voice, USE IT

  1. emelteethoughts says:

    love it! I too, am in the process of getting the hang of this. Sometimes in one’s personality it is just so hard to speak up when your heart is soft. LOVED your message though~ thanks for the reminder!

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