Refuse to be Defeated

Overcome: over-come, verb \ˌō-vər-ˈkəm\ : to successfully deal with or gain control of (something difficult)

Today I was thinking about how easy it is to give up. So many days I want to throw the towel in. I wanted to scream, cry, and completely call it quits. As easy as all that my seem, I refused to let the world defeat me. So I choose to keep moving forward.

For those of you reading this, I want you to KEEP MOVING FORWARD! Yes, I know that I do not know what is going on in your life, but I want you to know that if you refuse to let the bad things in your life defeat you, I know that you can get through anything. It may seem as though nothing is going right, and the best thing for you to do is give up; but don’t. Keep your head up and fight for happiness. Nothing is more important than you being able to be happy. Defeat can tear you down and make you feel like nothing is worth it. You’re worth it. Please do not give up; you can do this! I believe in you!

Instead of being defeated, DEFEAT the bad things that are going on in your life. DEFEAT the people in your lives who say you will never be anything. DEFEAT everything that is stopping you from moving forward in life. OVERCOME, and be happy… You deserve to smile, and have a great life. Yes, there will still be some bad days, but bad days help you realize the good ones that you will have.


I hope this post is helpful to those who feel like they have been defeated by life. Remember to KEEP MOVING FORWARD, fight to DEFEAT the bad and OVERCOME so that you can be happy! Remember, I believe in you!



Everything about this is true!

in transit


Because all women have walked to their car in the dark, keys clutched tight in hand, one poking out between two fingers.

Because when I go out to bars or clubs, I have to think about whether what I’m wearing is too suggestive, instead of putting on whatever I please.

Because I feel the need to apologize when I’m not wearing makeup or my hair hasn’t been washed, or when I’m generally looking anything other than flawless.

Because there was nothing I could do about the man who touched me inappropriately in the middle of Gillette Stadium as I waited for my then-boyfriend to come out of the bathroom. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STADIUM.

Because there was also nothing I could do when a man touched me inappropriately in the middle of a crowded street, his arm around his girlfriend. Because retaliating in the way I wanted to…

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You have a voice, USE IT

speak up

Have you ever had a moment of, “GOSH, I wish I would have said that?” I have had plenty of those times. I have learned a lot about myself and something I have learned is, being able to speak up for myself. Now, don’t get me wrong, we do not have to say something to someone every time they say something to hurt us, because sometimes it is just not worth it. But refuse to be a, “door mat” and let people tear you down. Some say that, “silence is golden”, but being able to speak up for yourself feels good too. Yes “kill them with kindness” but also know when it is the right time to speak up and say what is on your mind. Never allow yourself to get to the point where you feel like what you have to say is not important, because it is. I am one to say that I do not care what people have to say about me, but of course I care. But not to the point where it is all I think about. It is not worth the stress, because they can not help you get to where it is you want to go in life. In conclusion, a wise woman once told me, “Keep moving forward, never allow yourself to forget what it is in life that you want.”

First Blog in a long time

sunflowerNever thought I would be blogging again. I stopped blogging after I went off to school and I thought I should start back. Really I want to blog to get out some of my daily thoughts, and what has been happening lately. Once I get back to Florence, I am hoping my blog posts will be more exciting. That way I can talk about what has happened during the school week and the weekend. I really hope everyone enjoys my blogging and it actually interesting!